I would like to start an NPO – Not for Profit Organization – Utilizing my skills, with the intent or goal of helping others. I would require $100,000 investment. Time would be dedicated to helping others advance their lives. Whether it be helping someone find a car due to their misfortune or finding a job to put them on the right track. I have all the tools necessary in any field to help put someone/anyone in the right direction. I would like to dedicate my life to this end. I am perusing massage therapy so I can advance myself in the prospects of healing others, starting at the scientific, and advancing into the metaphysical.

Tasks include but not withstanding:
Multi-Situational Problem Solving – This is the key focus which dives into other more specific fields.
Resume Writing/Editing
Job Searches
Car Searches
House/Apartment Searches
Any and All Negotiations
Computer related advertising or technician work.
Numismatism – or anything of perceived value that needs to be turned into cash
Relationship Counseling
Life Counseling

This is a FREE service for those who are at an impasse, or have fallen prey to misfortune.


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