Meditation ≥ Happiness

The more you meditate, the happier you will be. 🙂

By Glen Silverman


Whatever you desire is “the right thing”; the universe will help you achieve that goal. Just make sure that is what you really want; the universe will agree with you either way.

By Glen Silverman

Chest Stress

Focus on the chest to release the stress, envisioning it from the inside out, expanding and dissipating “…healing energy hands passing through my center, pulling and sweeping stress away to the sides”.

Copyright © 2016 Glen Silverman


Projecting in the dark. I can’t see! Is anyone there?! Is anyone here?! Someone listen… The sound of my voice is defended by the endless space. The waves continue on forever into nothingness. Tweak your receiver, configure the frequency. Train my power, enhance the amplifier. Someday there will be no words… there are no words…

Copyright © 2014 Glen Silverman


I like detail. Give me a picture to analyze and yet too much so I get lost in its beauty. Give me curves and light, lines and shadow. Colors that fade and tones that glow. Darkness, bursting through! Just to show you there is no such thing. The imaginative energy that perceived reality creates. Let it take you in and leave you there to nap in its solitude. This, your image, of tranquility and peace.

Copyright © 2014 Glen Silverman


I would like to start an NPO – Not for Profit Organization – Utilizing my skills, with the intent or goal of helping others. I would require $100,000 investment. Time would be dedicated to helping others advance their lives. Whether it be helping someone find a car due to their misfortune or finding a job to put them on the right track. I have all the tools necessary in any field to help put someone/anyone in the right direction. I would like to dedicate my life to this end. I am perusing massage therapy so I can advance myself in the prospects of healing others, starting at the scientific, and advancing into the metaphysical.

Tasks include but not withstanding:
Multi-Situational Problem Solving – This is the key focus which dives into other more specific fields.
Resume Writing/Editing
Job Searches
Car Searches
House/Apartment Searches
Any and All Negotiations
Computer related advertising or technician work.
Numismatism – or anything of perceived value that needs to be turned into cash
Relationship Counseling
Life Counseling

This is a FREE service for those who are at an impasse, or have fallen prey to misfortune.